Alex Kleyner And ABK Capital Taking Florida By Storm

ABK Capital is a real estate financing company that was co-founded by Alex Kleyner in recent years. The company is based in Florida with offices by Miami Beach and focuses on the local real estate market. In the recent years, however, the company has been opening new offices in different parts of the country to take advantage of the ever-rising appetite for affordable real estate loans. Most property developers in the country are facing a financial crisis because traditional lenders, such as banks, are not willing to offer unsecured financing. This means that getting senior secured loans might be easy, but everything after that becomes a challenge. Usually, senior secured loans or secured real estate loans are never enough to complete construction projects, so developers still need more funding. 

ABK Capital Funding Options

i) Senior Secured Loans

This is a secured loan offered to property developers based on the value of the land. While there are many other lenders who are willing to offer this type of financing, ABK Capital offers loans with the highest Loan to value ratios. 

ii) Mezzanine Loans

After building the foundation and the first floor, the value of the property would have increased, but traditional lenders cannot provide financing because the project does not meet their strict financing requirements. ABK Capital has a team of experts who can appraise a property and vet applications before approving them. The goal of ABK Capital is to get as much money as possible into the right hands, so if you have the right project, you can expect to get funding quickly. 

If you have on ongoing real estate development or you’re just about to break ground, you can count on ABK Capital to provide you with sufficient finding at the most competitive rates on the market. You don’t need to worry about the strict financing requirements of banks and traditional lenders. All you need to do is get in touch with ABK Capital. 

iii) Preferred Equity for Real Estate Projects

Investors who want to acquire property, but need financing to fill the funding gap can turn to ABK capital for affordable financing. The company is known for speedy execution, so you can get the funding you need within a short period of time. 

Alex Kleyner’s Other Ventures

i) Store2Door

This is a logistics company that specializes in making deliveries for businesses. When customers place an order at an online store, Store2Door will deliver the items to the addresses provided by the customers. While the company is operational in almost every city in the country, it also has an international footprint. In fact, Store2Door is well known for international shipping as the company also delivers to overseas clients. This is what makes Store2Door stand out from the crowd. With the level of success the company has recorded in just a short period, it is expected that Store2Door will be the go-to company for all matters international shipping. Any business that wants to sell to customers overseas will consider Store2Door an invaluable partner. 

ii) Investments

Alex Kleyner also has a decent investment portfolio that is always growing. He always seems to outperform the market. Perhaps this is due to Alex’s investment acumen that has seen him start and run several successful businesses. ABK Capital Alex Kleyner is always looking for new investment opportunities, so it is interesting to watch what he might come up with next.