Dream Backyard On A Budget

Your backyard might be an open canvas in regards to decorating, landscaping and entertaining. Creating the perfect backyard on a budget may seem like a challenge, but there are some tips and tricks of the trade to get you started. Learn about the best features for your yard that can highlight the property’s beauty.

1. Look for DIY Hardscape

Initially, sketch out a picture of your dream backyard. Focus on the hardscape, and where you’d like these permanent sections to reside. For example, install pavers to create a walkway between a backdoor and a patio area. Alternatively, install large rocks in a ring pattern to create an outdoor fire pit. Both of these features are DIY projects with low costs and great visual impact in the yard. Because of their durability, hardscape remains attractive until you want to remodel it again.

2. Add Plants to Accent Natural Contours

Generally, each yard has its unique contours. For instance, there may be a sloping hillside along a property line. Ideally, use these contours to your advantage. The hillsides look spectacular with a garden full of bright flowers. Essentially, the slope features the flowers like planters on a wall. Next, use fences as perfect locations for more flowers, such as vine varieties. Most plants are low-cost purchases, and they tend to grow into a space without much effort on your part.

3. Get Creative With Tree Branches

If you have a tree as a focal point in the yard, consider some decorative touches to help it stand out. Try hanging small lantern lights between the branches, for instance. If your tree is a smaller variety, think about growing wisteria flowers on the open branches. These blossoms hang down with a decorative appearance and captivating scent. For older and well-established trees, add a porch swing or hammock to the branches. In the end, any of these ideas put the tree center stage when visitors arrive.

4. Focus on Comfort

A gazebo might be part of your dream backyard, but they can be expensive. As an alternative, try a DIY pergola. These structures provide shade and a defined lounge area in any yard. Remarkably, they’re often sold as kits to build at the installation site. For a more budget-conscious option, lay out in comfort on a daybed in a shady area. Top it with plenty of pillows, and you have a nook ready for a nature or book lover.

5. Go Natural

A low-cost strategy for a gorgeous garden is following nature’s example. For instance, select a garden section, and plant native wildflowers for your region. As they grow, seed, and replicate, the garden becomes a natural habitat for butterflies, bees, and other helpful creatures. Once established, the garden is also low maintenance except for occasional pruning.

Overall, the best features for your backyard are durable, attractive, and functional for the space. A mixture of hardscape and landscaping features is often the most rewarding to the eye. In the end, your dream backyard can look like a million dollars but without the expensive cost.