These Cryptos Will Recover Your Losses In The Current Crypto Market

The bear market has been brutal and ravaged assets across the board. Many investors have seen their portfolio half in value, and those are the lucky ones. Many investors exposed to DeFi have seen their portfolios retrace by up to 80%. This can be a difficult pill to swallow for investors, but adjusting investment horizons and seeing the bear market for what it is- a period of accumulation- can help them to recalibrate and prepare themselves to lock in serious gains for the inevitable market reversal. 

This article features three crypto projects to help investors beat the bear and turn losses into gains.

  1. Gnox

First up is Gnox, a DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol seeking to reshape DeFi earnings. For too long, DeFi earnings have been the preserve of those with ample time and technical knowledge; Gnox changes this bringing meaningful DeFi investment to ordinary investors. It makes this paradigm shift through its treasury protocol funded by buying and sell taxes on the GNOX token. Part of every transaction goes to support this treasury, which is used to generate yields for investors within DeFi, and every 30 days, these yields are distributed in stablecoin.

Gnox has all the features of a protocol built for the long-term investors, and treasury management shows this clearly. Only the proceeds, never the principal of the treasury, are distributed amongst token holders, meaning Gnox will begin to pay out more fantastic stablecoin reflections over time. This protocol that pays out stablecoin during a bear market quickly made it onto the list. But with the growth-orientated focus, GNOX tokens are likely to become a highly precious commodity by the time market participants realize the potential passive income machine this protocol is.

  1. Cronos

The second is CRO. The native token of the Cronos blockchain developed by, is a token that will follow in the footsteps of other utility tokens such as BNB and put in massive gains. have created an all-encompassing crypto platform where investors can buy and sell crypto, access financial trading tools, and use their crypto assets to generate revenue through staking within the application. 

It is currently trading at USD 0.11, down from its ATH (All-Time High) of nearly USD 1. CRO, at its current price, promises investors close to a 10X when it rallies in the next bull market cycle. have launched a massively successful advertising campaign and produced the world’s most popular crypto debit card. brings crypto to an ever-growing audience, and as more and more people invest, CRO will inevitably see appreciation.

  1. FileCoin

Last on the list is FIL which investors can earn by renting unused storage space. Filecoin offers decentralized digital storage allowing anyone anywhere in the globe to rent their storage space which means that there is no longer a single point of failure for data storage. Important documents can be separated and stored on different computers globally. 

The Filecoin protocol offers a solution for worldwide data storage, and the need it addresses is constantly growing. FIL is a token that will continue to grow as demand for storage increases. Now trading at USD 5.55, down from its ATH of USD 237, the current price offers a fantastic entry point for investors keen to beat the bear.