What Items Typically Make The Most Money At Auctions?

Auctions; whether you attend them for fun, or as part of how you make a living, they can be exciting events, and some items sold fetch incredibly high figures. If you’re looking to sell a Donald Trump gold coin, or any other item that you no longer want or which will help you raise some much needed funds, you might be interested to know what types of items make the biggest buck at auction. 

Below are 10 of the best selling auction items today, have you got any of them to sell?

  1. Classic and antique cars and motorcycles

The quality and make of a classic or antique car plays a vital role in determining its value at auction, and if it has its original parts, so much the better. Motorcycles are just as popular, and collectors will pay big bucks for bikes from the top brands such as Triumph and Harley Davidson. It’s also worth noting that car and motorcycle memorabilia are equally as popular, although they may not fetch quite such big prices at auction. 

  1. Mid twentieth century art and furnishings from Scandinavia

If you’ve got some mid-century art or other items at home, check to see whether they’re futuristic in design, as this could help them sell for more. Who designed and produced the items will be key to their value, so do so some research before heading out to auction. 

  1. Early antiques from China and Asia

There are an abundance of wealthy collectors from China who love getting their hands on early antiques and artwork from their homeland, or other countries throughout Asia, and some items can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

  1. Sports memorabilia 

For baseball cards and other sporting memorabilia from post 1960s, these can prove extremely lucrative at auction, and buyers love anything they can find that’s still in good condition more than 60 years after it was produced. Generally, items that go back to before the 2nd World War tend to make the most money at auction, and even things like advertising signs, programs and posters can prove extremely desirable among certain collectors. 

  1. Furnishings from the art deco and arts and crafts periods

The two styles are totally different, yet equally as popular with furniture collectors all over the world. Furniture made in the Arts and Crafts style is typically constructed from solid oak, and built using straight lines. Art Deco on the other hand, is generally comprised of designs that are geometric in nature, and items are built with a clean, streamlined look. Often found in estates being sold at auction, these items are highly desirable for furniture collectors. 

  1. Gold and silver coins

With gold always fetching high prices at auction, and silver coins sometimes selling for just as much, your Donald Trump silver coin could well make you a buck or two at an auction specializing in coins, or gold and silver items. 

  1. Early toys and comic books

Depending on their condition, whether they’re from the 1960s or earlier, and if they come with their original box or other packaging, toys, comics and other collectibles designed for children, can prove lucrative for sellers, as buyers tap into their childhood memories. 

  1. Items of advertisement

From signs and posters, to shop displays, there are a multitude of collectors seeking to buy advertising items that are in good condition, and signs that are neon are also highly desirable. 

  1. Paintings by listed artists

Rare paintings that find their way to auction are fiercely competed over by collectors, and when auction houses are asked to handle a deceased person’s estate, these are among the first items they check. 

  1. Significant historical memorabilia

From political and presidential memorabilia, to historical events in sports and entertainment and war memorabilia, this category is broad but a popular one among collectors. 

If you’ve got items to sell at auction and believe they might be rare and collectible, you could return home with a sizeable wad of cash in your back pocket!