Why The Sandbox Cryptocurrency Is Outperforming Mainstream Crypto Today

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise again, with the total market cap reaching a new all-time high of over $500 billion. Out of all the different cryptocurrencies, though, sandbox cryptocurrency is outperforming the rest today.

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based decentralized NFT gaming metaverse that enables non-tech savvy users to create, sell, use, and monetize their own virtual reality NFTs.  The crypto metaverse uses its native token SAND to underpin the entirety of the in-game economy.

NFTs are changing how we collect art, build communities, earn, and play. Many NFT-based projects are evolving into full-blown metaverses, and The Sandbox is sitting front and center. The brainchild of Pixowl co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox is unique from other crypto metaverse projects in that its user-generated content ecosystem makes contributing to the metaverse a simple and intuitive task for players without any coding skills.

The Sandbox ecosystem consists of three integrated products and services that facilitate user-generated content creation: 

  • VoxEdit, a program for creating the NFT game assets.
  • A Marketplace for selling and buying those assets.
  • Game Maker, which players use to build their own game experiences without coding.

Sandbox cryptocurrency is a newer currency that was created in response to the increasing regulation of other cryptocurrencies. Because it’s built on a new platform, sandbox cryptocurrency is not as regulated as other currencies, which gives it a leg up on the competition.

In addition to its lack of regulation, sandbox cryptocurrency also offers a number of other benefits. For example, it’s much faster and more efficient than traditional currencies. It also has a lower transaction fee, making it an ideal choice for online transactions.

What is VoxEdit?

The building blocks of The Sandbox game are 3D pixels called voxels– this term isn’t native to The Sandbox project, it specifically refers to virtual reality development. In The Sandbox, players construct their game experiences using these lego-like pieces, using the free Sandbox VoxEdit tool. It works similarly to the other popular voxel editors, like the popular MagicaVoxel.

Sandbox on the Rise

The Sandbox cryptocurrency is outperforming other currencies today, with a surge of 2.1% over the past 24 hours. This move negates an earlier intraday decline that saw The Sandbox decline as much as 5.9% over a 24-hour period ending this morning.

The Sandbox has been one of the higher-beta cryptocurrencies of late, surging in late 2021 as investors sought metaverse-related assets. Accordingly, during the recent market-driven declines tied to macro risks, The Sandbox has underperformed other major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum .

However, with The Sandbox seeing a resurgence today, it may be poised to recapture some of its lost ground. Investors should keep an eye on this asset as it could provide significant upside potential in the coming days and weeks.

Sandbox cryptocurrency is still in its early stages, so there is a lot of room for growth. If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that has great potential, sandbox cryptocurrency is the best option today. Get in on the action while it’s still hot!