2023’s Top 14 Apple Watch Accessories: Bands, Chargers, Cases, and More

14 Best Apple Watch Accessories (2023): Bands, Chargers, Cases …

1. Premium Bands

When it comes to upgrading your Apple Watch, one of the simplest and most effective ways to do so is by changing the watch band. With a wide variety of materials and designs available on the market, there’s something for every preference and occasion.

Leather bands, for instance, offer a sophisticated look suitable for formal events or daily wear at the office. Alternatively, sportier options such as silicone or nylon bands can provide comfort and durability during workouts and other physical activities.

Not only do these premium bands enhance your Apple Watch’s style, but they also improve functionality by offering features such as water resistance and quick release mechanisms. Here are some top picks:

  • Nomad Horween Leather Band – A combination of durability and sophistication

  • Casetify Saffiano Leather Band – Classic design with a customizable twist

  • Apple Solo Loop – Simple yet comfortable design made from liquid silicone rubber

  • UAG NATO Strap – Tough and stylish strap perfect for adventure seekers

  • Juuk Ligero Band – Luxurious metal band featuring aircraft-grade aluminum

  • Twelve South ActionSleeve – Unique armband design for added comfort during workouts

2. Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is an excellent addition to the Apple Watch experience, providing a convenient and clutter-free way to keep your device charged. Many third-party charging solutions have started offering wireless capabilities, compatible with various Apple Watch models.

Some chargers even feature multi-device support, allowing you to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously. These charging solutions help to eliminate cords and streamline your charging experience.

Consider investing in a high-quality charger that not only charges efficiently but also protects your devices from potential damage caused by overcharging or overheating. Here are some top wireless chargers to consider:

  • Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger – Charges an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at once

  • Apple MagSafe Duo Charger – Compact design perfect for on-the-go charging

  • NOMAD Base Station Apple Watch Edition – Beautiful design with multiple charging coils

  • Logitech POWERED 3-in-1 Dock – Stylish and functional charging solution

  • Spigen S370 Charging Dock – Affordable option with simultaneous Apple Watch and iPhone charging

  • Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Pad – Universal compatibility with a slim profile

3. Protective Cases

Given the price of an Apple Watch, it’s no surprise that many owners wish to keep their investment safe and protected. One way to ensure longevity and prevent damage is by using protective cases specifically designed for Apple Watch models.

Cases come in various materials such as silicone, TPU, or even metal, offering varying degrees of protection depending on your needs. Some cases feature built-in screen protectors, while others focus solely on the casing around the edges of the device.

Whichever case you choose, it’s crucial to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the watch’s functionality, such as the Digital Crown or heart rate sensor. Here are some top protective cases to consider for your Apple Watch:

  • Spigen Rugged Armor Case – Slim yet protective design for everyday use

  • Catalyst Waterproof Case – Ultimate protection with waterproof capabilities

  • UAG Scout Series Case – Sleek style combined with robust defense

  • elago W4 AW Stand – Vintage look stand with sturdy construction

  • Twelve South TimePorter – Travel-friendly case for storing and charging your Apple Watch

  • OtterBox Exo Edge Case – Reliable drop protection from a trusted brand

Summary Table

Accessory Type Top Picks
Premium Bands Nomad Horween Leather Band, Casetify Saffiano Leather Band, Apple Solo Loop, UAG NATO Strap, Juuk Ligero Band, Twelve South ActionSleeve
Wireless Chargers Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger, Apple MagSafe Duo Charger, NOMAD Base Station Apple Watch Edition, Logitech POWERED 3-in-1 Dock, Spigen S370 Charging Dock, Anker Wireless Charger—PowerWave Pad
Protective Cases Spigen Rugged Armor Case, Catalyst Waterproof Case, UAG Scout Series Case, elago W4 AW Stand, Twelve South TimePorter, OtterBox Exo Edge Case

Equipped with these Apple Watch accessories, you can easily enhance the style, functionality, and protection of your device. Whether it’s a sleek new band, a wireless charger, or a dependable case, there’s something for everyone to create the perfect Apple Watch experience.