Planting Seeds for Future Wealth: The Case for Early and Regular Investing

When it comes to investing, it is never too early to start. Regular investing can lead to financial stability throughout your life, and the earlier you start, the more you can take advantage of the overall stability of a growing market. When you let your money sit in a standard savings account, you will hardly see any gains, as most accounts have an APY of .46% or less. Meanwhile, if you invest your money safely and consistently, your returns will accrue immediately.

How To Get Started In Investing

One way to compound your returns into even more wealth is to reinvest any gains you might receive over time. These returns can come as dividends from stocks or interest gained from a high-yield savings account. This is called compound interest, and it is one of the most reliable ways to create wealth from a modest sum. Either way, when you reinvest your profits, you will exponentially grow your assets. This growth is even further compounded when you factor time into the equation. If you start investing a flat amount in your early twenties, by the time you are in your sixties, most of your wealth will be generated from your initial decade of investing.

Issues To Watch While Investing

One of the most prevalent issues most future investors face is when to start their investing journey, and the answer is as soon as possible without being detrimental to your daily life. Most people think that you have to be rich to make money investing, but this is untrue. If you invest a modest amount regularly, that money will be able to leverage compound interest and grow into a much more substantial sum by the time you are ready to retire.

Maximizing Your Returns From Investing

The key to maximizing the returns from compound interest is consistency. As long as you invest the same amount regularly into a stable commodity, you will see drastic returns. This is easier said than done, and knowing how much to invest depends on your circumstances. It is incredibly important that you do not take money out of your investments in the early years of investing unless it is your last resort. This is due to how compound interest builds upon itself to give you exponential returns over time. The longer you invest the more the interest builds upon itself, which leads to you earning more interest on your investment.

Investing Trends To Watch

Recently, most new investors have been drawn to highly volatile commodities that are traded on a short-term basis. These commodities can lead to massive gains quickly but can also lead to debilitating losses just as fast. When you invest in a stable stock with a high dividend yield, a high-yield interest account, or a stable ETF that tracks the market, you are more likely to grow your portfolio predictably. These predictable options have been tried and tested for decades and have been shown to lead to wealth when combined with consistent investment. If you keep your money in a standard savings account, do yourself a favor and look into stable options to invest that money instead.