High-End Stone: The Unspoken Star in Celebrity Home Makeovers

Bright modern living room with kitchen in the background

Article written by Marjorie Solomon.

In the arena of home renovations, celebrities often dictate the trends that capture our collective imagination. Amidst the diverse array of luxurious amenities found in celebrity homes, there’s a singular feature accessible to all: high-quality stone. This natural element is the cornerstone of any remodel, whether it’s to accentuate a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor area, or an elegant stairway, boasting an ageless charm and a beauty that never fades.

For those who don’t grace the glossy pages of magazines, it’s encouraging to know that one can achieve a star-studded home aesthetic without the astronomical budget. The caliber of materials you choose, such as natural stone, greatly influences the final look and longevity of your project. Identifying premium stone, however, is not always clear-cut. This is where establishments like Marble Systems step into the limelight, offering both expertise and a supply of superior-quality stone throughout the United States.

Celebrities often come to marble purveyors with a vision of their perfect space. “They’re looking for something unique that will stand out, and natural stone provides that exclusive, luxurious feel. But we believe everyone should have access to that kind of quality and beauty, regardless of their budget.”

Granite, marble, and limestone are among the favorites for home makeovers due to their natural allure and robustness. These stones aren’t just for the rich and famous; they can be the centerpiece in any renovation project, imparting a sense of luxury and timeless elegance. Unlike celebrities who have entire teams to guide their remodeling decisions, the everyday homeowner must first understand the hallmarks of high-quality stone. To assist in this endeavor, here are some expert insights for creating a home with a celebrity allure, without the need for a star’s resources.

Understanding the absorption rate of stone is critical. It’s about how much water the stone can take in, which is particularly important for areas that encounter moisture, like bathrooms or kitchens. The less absorbent the stone, the more durable and maintenance-free it will be.”

Granite, known for its low absorption rate, is often recommended for spaces that might be subjected to spills or high moisture levels.

The density of the stone is another crucial factor. A denser stone means it has the resilience needed for high-traffic areas. Companies like Marble Systems can walk you through their selection, helping you understand which densities are best for your specific application.

When it comes to stone grades, options vary from commercial to premium. Premium grade is the epitome of excellence in natural stone, said Munir Tunurc, Founder of Marble Systems.. “It has the least imperfections, a consistent pattern, and unmatched durability.”

The finish of the stone is a testament to its quality. A premium stone should have a uniform finish, devoid of cracks or fissures. “We encourage our clients to inspect the stone’s finish in our showrooms. After all, they are not just purchasing a stone—they are choosing a piece of the earth’s history to grace their homes,” says Turunc.

Color and pattern consistency is another indicator of quality. Natural stone is like art—no two pieces are exactly alike. However, a high-quality stone should have a consistent pattern and color distribution. Marble Systems’ extensive collection is a testament to our commitment to this standard.

Finally, the credibility of the stone supplier should not be underestimated. Established companies such as Marble Systems not only supply high-quality materials but also provide invaluable advice and insights, ensuring that clients make informed choices.

Selecting the ideal high-quality stone is a multifaceted decision that goes beyond aesthetic preference. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of absorption rate, density, grade, finish, and the consistency of the pattern, as well as the supplier’s reputation. With Marble Systems’ vast experience and premium offerings, the process becomes less daunting, ensuring homeowners achieve the transformation they envision.