elected in 2020? If Joe Biden is reelected in 2020, what age will he be?

How old will Joe Biden be if re

How Old Will Joe Biden Be if Re-elected?

Having just stepped into his initial term as the 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden Jr., known as Joe Biden, is already making history as the oldest individual to hold this esteemed office. As the current topic of discussion revolves around a potential re-election, one can’t help but contemplate how old Biden will be if he were to win this race once again.

To give some clarity on this matter, it is essential to consider when the next presidential election will take place and understand how these four years could affect Biden’s age. This comprehensive analysis will, hopefully, provide a clearer picture of what a potential second term would look like for the incumbent leader, from the perspective of age.

Let’s first explore Joe Biden’s current age, as well as his age at the time of the upcoming election. We’ll then delve into his potential new age in office should he pursue and manage to secure his re-election. Finally, we’ll wrap it up with a comparison to previous Presidents and their ages during their respective terms in the White House.

Biden’s Current Age

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Doing a quick calculation reveals that, as of today, he stands tall at the age of:

  • [current age minus birth year]

Next Presidential Election

The 2024 United States presidential election is expected to unfold on November 5th. At the time of the event, Joe Biden will have amassed the following number of years:

  • [age at next election minus birth year]

Age at the End of Potential Second term

If Joe Biden were to be re-elected in 2024 and serve for another four years, his age at the conclusion of this hypothetical second term would be:

  • [age at end of potential second term minus birth year]

Summary Table
| Description | Age |
| ——————————————— | ——— |
| Current Age | [current age] |
| Age at Next Election (2024) | [age at next election] |
| Age at End of Potential Second Term (2028) | [age at end of potential second term] |

Given these figures, it’s clear that if Joe Biden is successfully re-elected, he will be one of the oldest leaders to hold office in U.S. history. But how does he compare to other Presidents?

Oldest U.S. Presidents

Throughout the nation’s record, there have been a handful of notable Presidents who assumed charge at an advanced age. Here’s a closer look at them:

  • Ronald Reagan: Age 69 at the beginning of his first term
  • Donald Trump: Age 70 at the beginning of his first term
  • William H. Harrison: Age 68 at the beginning of his only term

Youngest U.S. Presidents

On the flip side, some of the country’s leaders have taken up their mantle at a relatively young age. To offer some perspective, let’s examine a few of these individuals:

  • Theodore Roosevelt: Age 42 at the beginning of his first term
  • John F. Kennedy: Age 43 at the beginning of his only term
  • Bill Clinton: Age 46 at the beginning of his first term

Influence of Age in Politics

While age indeed plays a role in politics, many argue that experience, mental agility, and physical resilience are more significant factors when it comes to serving as President. The following points consider various aspects of how age might influence a presidency:

  • Leadership experience may come with age
  • Mental and physical health can be impacted by advanced age
  • Voters may have differing opinions about age concerning presidential qualifications


In conclusion, if Joe Biden were to be re-elected for a second term, he would be among the oldest leaders in the history of the United States. However, age alone should not be the defining factor when it comes to leadership abilities. Ultimately, it is the combination of knowledge, experience, mental acuity, and physical stamina that stand behind a truly effective President.

Will America choose to keep or replace its senior-most chief executive? Only time will tell, but understanding the broader context of Biden’s potential age during the next election cycle certainly provides a clearer outlook on this highly anticipated political event.